Designer’s help guide to developing technology over AJDT and AspectJ

Designer’s help guide to developing technology over AJDT and AspectJ

These pages is meant to aid anyone creating apparatus to extend or utilize AJDT/AspectJ. Be sure to play a role in these pages with any relevant information, eg sample code making use of the AJDT and/or AspectJ APIs.

These pages is out of day. Our very own intent is update this site for AJDT 1.6.1, but we’ve got not have time for this yet. Please understand that the something with this page might no lengthier getting proper. For those who have questions, please submit them to the mailing list ajdt-dev.


  • 1 getting crosscutting union ideas from AJDT
  • 2 Compilation Devices in AJDT
    • 2.1 obtaining the contents of an AJCompilationUnit
  • 3 with the AspectJ AST parser
  • 4 recognized limits, insects, and exceptional problem
  • 5 The software equipment are anticipated to make use of to drive the AspectJ compiler

Getting crosscutting partnership information from AJDT

In case you are building an eclipse plugin and require access to crosscutting ideas whenever a project is built, you’ll register a listener with AJDT. Your plug-in will need to depend on org.eclipse.ajdt.core, org.eclipse.core.resources and org.eclipse.jdt.core, and org.aspectj.weaver. From inside the org.eclipse.ajdt.core plug-in there is an IAdviceChangedListener software with a single adviceChanged() system.

Sign-up this utilizing the AJBuilder course similar to this (in your plug-in’s start() means for sample):

At this time (AJDT 1.6) this is called after every create of an AspectJ job (for example. every *potential* recommendations changes). In another release this may be enhanced is just called if the suggestions possess in fact changed. AJDT/UI utilizes this apparatus to update the orange arrow image decorator. (more…)